This Thing Called Domestic Violence

I am a heavy sleeper. I am the kind of person who can only be woken up by loud noises. I snooze the alarm ten times before I wake up and complain endlessly about how short the nights have become, how the 8-5 routine should be changed and anything else that means waking up from the land of pure bliss called sleep.
Today, the events happened differently.

I was woken up by sobs and wails emanating from my neighbour's house. Our houses are far apart and to hear noise in surround sound meant some catastrophe had befallen the usually quiet household.
Oh my! The couple next door was exchanging gifts in laughter. And by exchanging, I mean the wife was receiving. By gifts I mean punches,kicks,slaps & all curses you know of and some you probably don't know. And by laughter, I mean the desperate cries for help.
Turns out the bitch called domestic violence had visited the household next door. Personally, I don't understand why they call her domestic when she's as wild as they come. If this was Twitter I would have tweeted,'That scary moment when you realize domestic violence is next door!' but it's real life so I don't get to tweet away my problems and retweet solutions.

The first serious comment I heard when I went out was.
"Lazima kuwe na side mbili kwa hii story!"
What the deuce! The mother of my close friend is getting beat down and all someone can say is that there's two sides to the story! Seriously?
I,for one,personally believe that whatever the reason, nothing in this cosmos warrants a husband beating a wife and vice versa for those living in Nyeri County. Sorry Nyeri-ans,laughter is my therapy.
I'd rather be seen a coward for walking away, than be temporarily gawked at for such a vile and despicable action. I do not understand how(neither will I try to) the jolly man I know Mr. Daniel to be,could transform so fast into the savage I was seeing. Optimus Prime ain't got nothing on this guy.
This leads me to the million kicks and blows question, Why?
...Okay,I might have exaggerated that. It's a three-letter question. Still,I have to ask,why?!! Answer me!

Are you so needy that to feel good and macho, you have to beat up your wives,girlfriends and husbands for that matter. Are you so deprived of 'respect' that you hurl scarring insults at your 'till death do us part' partner!
The actions I witnessed today still linger in the depths of my inner conscience. I try picturing myself engaging in domestic violence and I shiver. It's not a natural part of men,it's a pathetic, self-made inhumane act I don't expect to ever engage in,so help me God!

Punch HERE for a professional take on domestic violence.
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