University of Nairobi; Courses and Cluster Points for KCSE 2010 JAB Selection 2011

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In the 2011, the following cluster points were used by JAB to admit the KCSE 2010 candidates into the University of Nairobi for its various courses.

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Education(Arts)-39.3
  • Bachelor of Arts-34.5
  • Bachelor of Arts(Design)-41.7
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
    (Microprocessor Technology and
  • Bachelor of Science(Astronomy
    and astrophysics)-43.1
  • Bachelor of dental surgery-47.4
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy-47.2
  • Bachelor of veterinary
  • Bachelor of Science(Nursing)-46.8
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Laws(LL.B)-46.0
  • Bachelor of Arts(Planning)-43.0
  • Bachelor of Science(statistics)-44.6
  • Bachelor of construction
  • Bachelor of Education(E.C.D)-34.4
  • Bachelor of Science(Management
    of agro-ecosystem and
  • Bachelor of Science(Horticuture)-39.0
  • Bachelor of Science(Environmental conservation
    and natural resources)-40.9
  • Bachelor of Science(Agribusiness
  • Bachelor of Science(Food nutrition and
  • Bachelor of Science(Biomedical technology)-46.5
  • Bachelor of Science(Physical Education and
  • Bachelor of Science(Microbiology &
  • Bachelor of Science(Agricultural education and
  • Bachelor of Science(Wildlife management)-41.4
  • Bachelor of Science(Actuarial science)-47.7
  • Bachelor of Science(Industrial chemistry)-46.1
  • Bachelor of Science(Mathematics)-44.5
  • Bachelor of Science(Meteorology)-37.6
  • Bachelor of Science(Biology)-40.5
  • Bachelor of Science(Biochemistry)-46.6
  • Bachelor of Science(Geology)-37.2
  • Bachelor of Science(Computer Science)-47.1
  • Bachelor of Science(Civil Engineering)-47.1
  • Bachelor of Science(Electrical and electronic
  • Bachelor of Science(Mechanical engineering)-46.6
  • Bachelor of Science(Geospatial engineering)-45.6
  • Bachelor of Science(Bachelor of Science)-38.7
  • Bachelor of Science(Environmental and
    Biosystem engineering)-42.8
  • Bachelor of Science(Agriculture)-35.1
  • Bachelor of Science(Food Science and
  • Bachelor of Science(Range management)-34.2
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor
    of Surgery-47.7
  • Bachelor of Economics-43.9
  • Bachelor of Real Estate-45.6
  • Bachelor of Quantity
  • Bachelor of Architectural studies/
    Bachelor of Architecture-47.2
  • Bachelor of Economics and
A total of 4447 candidates were selected to join the University.
The KCSE 2011 candidates registered better and improved performance than the KCSE 2010 candidates. It is therefore highly likely that the cluster points for the individual courses may rise.
This is especially true for the competitive courses such as Medicine, Actuarial Science and Engineering. They normaly experience cut-throat competition that at times only those who choose them as first choice are selected.You are adviced to rely on official release from JAB in filling official application forms.

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antony ngunjiri said...

what? that;s why i missed ma target.

Rowland Mtetezi said...

Most probably that's why. Or it could how you arranged choices

Unknown said...

how does one calculate the cluster points?had an A,of 81points*an A,in maths,biology,chemistry and an A-in kiswahili.

Rowland Mtetezi said...


w weighted cluster point
c raw cluster point
a basic aggregate point

kevin obede said...

wen are 2011 KCSE candidates reporting in University of Nairobi

Roland Mtetezi said...

@kevin obede KcSE 2011 Uon might just join next year on SEPt 2013

Anonymous said...

Hae,what are the cluster points required for civil engineering for the 2012 candidates?

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